About Us
The Inter Business Initiative is a knowledge lab, an ongoing collision of thought – developing framework towards holistic value creation where business can act as change agents in a world where sustainability, responsibility, agency are business as usual.

We are a non-profit, founded by Johanna Hallin and engaging a tribe of individuals and businesses. Together we have identified the need for independent and iterative examinations of how we make the shift, what it means and what it entails.

We arrange think tanks, discussion, seminars. We publish insights and articles, sprung from discussions and dialogue. We produce research papers, reports and books. All our activities aim at challenging and strengthening Inter Business, which provides framework for business strategy to shift perspective.


Our main operative team is located in Stockholm and Umeå, consisting of experts in their field.

Johanna Hallin

Founder of Inter Business. Johanna has a long experience of leadership and business development with a drive for sustainability and the future of businesses.

Malin Johansson

HR specialist and CEO of Pondus Kommunikation, Umeå. Malin has a wide experience of communication and stakeholder engagement.

Anders Gunnarsson

Digital inventor with 20+ years experience, started at Icon Medialab. Also founder of night club Metropolis, Sthlm.

Nalika Tjarnberg

Organisational consultant with a background in social sciences. Nalika is specialized in leadership training and development.

Michelle Sandberg

Environmental scientist with a background in environmental and development studies.

Nathalie Ahlstedt Mantel

Political scientist with a background in strategic communication and PR. Nathalie has experience of working close with several social entrepreneurs and NGO’s.

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Inter Business Initiative
Norrsken House
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