We are a knowledge lab, an ongoing collision of thought – developing a framework towards holistic value creation where businesses can act as change agents toward a truly sustainable world.
Picture from our meeting room in Norrsken House, Stockholm

Piloting Inter Business Index

2016 we piloted the Inter Business Index, under the name Human Centered Business Index. At the launch we celebrated ten front-runners – bringing their perspective on stage at the Royal Institute of Technology, Stockholm.

The pilot was presented in partnership with KTH Center of the Stockholm School of Entrepreneurship and Stockholm Business School Executive Education, with key-notes from Caroline Casey of Binc, Ireland, and Arne Karlsson, Chair of Bonnier Holding among other corporate boards, Sweden.

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Admir Lukacevic, Idrott Utan Gränser
Anna-Carin Strandberg, Elekta
Anton Håkansson, Daycape
Caroline Casey, Kanchi
Christiane Dolva, Fjällräven
Christine Rosencrantz, Frösunda Omsorg
Ewa Magnusson, BoKlok
Gregg Vanourek, KTH
Hafsa Rizwani, Stockholm Business School
Henrietta Bean, Mitt Liv
Johan Ununger, Saltå Kvarn
Johanna Hallin, Inter Business Initiative
Karin Bodin & Anna Borgeryd, Polarbröd
Pontus Winberg, GodEl
Terrence Brown, KTH

Knowledge base: 7 497 customers globally, 674 customers in sweden, customers on 15 markets across 4 continents, age span from 2 to 94 years old. 887 interviewed, 33 706 minutes of conversation, 6 610 respondents, 793 200 variables analyzed.

Initial research leading up to Inter Business

Lead by Rebecca Altman, now of Third Plateau, USA, we conducted a global dialogue in 2015 that would lead up to the creation of the framework Inter Business. 14 thought leaders, researchers and practitioners contributed expertise and experience:

Ray Fleury
Expert on HCD and health/wellbeing (Toronto)
Joseph Giacomin
Director, Human-Centered Design Institute (London)
Debbie Aung Din
Founder, Proximity Designs (Myanmar)
Scott Shigeoka
Community Designer, OpenIDEO (San Francisco, CA)
Valerie Fletcher
Executive Director, Institute for Human Centered Design (Boston, MA)
Pete Maher
Co-Founder/Chief Innovation Officer, Luma Institute (Pittsburgh, PA)
Christian Madsbjerg
Director US, ReD Associates (New York, NY/Copenhagen)
Chokdee Rutirasiri
Founder/CEO, Story+Structure (Boston, MA) Maria Redin
formerly with GOODcorps (Los Angeles, CA)

“The article on Human Centered Business Index, now Inter Business Index, is an academically sustainable contribution to this intellectual and academic adventure that has been the launch of the European Social Innovation Review.”
- Alfonso Unceta, Professor of sociology, University of the Basque Country, editor European Public & Social Innovation Review

Heather Fleming
CEO, Catapult Design (Denver, CO)
Tim Ogilvie
CEO, Peer Insight (Washington, DC)
Tim Urmston
Founder/COO, Seek Company (Cincinnati, OH)
Aaron Hurst
CEO, Imperative (Seattle, WA)
Tara Sophia Mohr
Expert on women’s leadership and wellbeing (San Francisco, CA)

Exploring empathy

In January 2017 the book “Srey – Tales of Urban Girlhood” was published by Document Press. Over 100 girls and young women in Phnom Penh, Cambodia, was engaged in dialogue to explore the power of the empathic meeting in forming business strategy.

“An amazing book connecting the lives of those in the outer parts of our global value chains to corporate sustainability efforts. It will touch you and move you to action in a way not possible with traditional management texts. A must read!”
- Lin Lerpold, Executive Director of the Mistra Center for Sustainable Markets (MISUM) and Acting Professor on the Mistra Chair of Sustainable Markets at the Stockholm School of Economics (SSE)
“Srey will punch you in the gut – complicating gender with race, class, sexuality and global power structures. The empathic meeting is an action we all can learn and Srey shows that it can be applied not only close to us, but also across the world.”
- Ida Östensson, Founder of Make Equal and Fatta, thought leader and human rights advocate