Redefining business valuation to facilitate long-term strategies towards true sustainability.

Four key competences to measure and lead in a rapid changing world.

In collaboration with multiple experts and researchers in the field of business and sustainability, we have identified four key competencies that moves holistic sustainability to a strategic level.

“To make better companies, one must start with developing better leaders. And to develop better leaders, one must help them discover a better Purpose — for themselves and their colleagues.”

- Nikos Mourkogiannis, author of “Purpose: The starting Point of Great Companies”

System Approach
“To address sustainability effectively companies have to integrate it into all parts of the business, you can’t just leave it to one department.”

- Karl-Johan Persson, CEO of H&M

“It is crucial for business leaders to change their ways and understand that they are working within a web of interdependent ecological and social systems”

- Bob Doppelt, Executive Director of The Resource Innovation Group (TRIG).

“The rules have been modified so much that we are actually playing a different game now. The very nature of the customer, the market and therefore of the organisation has transformed while a lot of companies are still playing by the old rules.”

- Peter Hinssen, Author, Speaker and Founder of Nexxworks.

“Empathy isn't about people-pleasing. It's not about being a pushover. Instead, empathy, the ability to understand the impact your actions have on others, is essential to being a player in the corporate game. It needs to be embedded from the boardroom right through to the shop floor.”

- Belinda Parmar, CEO of Lady Geek

“Empathy fuels connections, sympathy drives disconnection”

- Brené Brown Ph.D., CEO of The Daring Way and COURAGEworks

Inter Business for

Business Leaders

A toolbox for creating long term strategies to prosper in a world of rapid change.

Inter Business for

Operative employees

Gain incentives and support for taking independant sustainable action.

Inter Business for

The world

A new way to understand how companies relate and effect humanity and the environtment.

What gets measured gets managed

With new strategies, we'll also need new ways to measure progress.

In 2016 we released a list of Swedish frontrunners adopting Inter Business Strategies (then named Human Centered).
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In 2017, we’re releasing the Inter Business Index 2017 - an analysis done by Srey, ranking Sweden’s 50 biggest companies according to the Inter Business framework.